Saturday, May 5, 2007

About Us

Hello! April, Angela, and Kristen welcome you to our site!
We are 3 friends and 3 moms in business. We are a small group of women who are Inspired to put the Lord first in all we do. We are motivated by our children and husbands and all have a drive to work together to use our talents to do more for our families and other moms. We are always better together!

We have enlisted a professional product panelist and marketing expert to review all submitted products. We are proud that she is apart of our 3 inspired moms site and we think you will find great interest in the product reviews Alessandra writes.

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Friday, May 4, 2007

Angela a.k.a Le Chic Mama.

The task of describing oneself is not an easy one, or at least to me. I tend to sound to proud of what I do and border line with self obsession about my work and my passions.

So better yet, I will try to explain the source of my internal drive: My Family.

I have a wonderful husband (and Handsome), a 3 year old daughter and an 18th month baby boy. They are my fuel and my internal drive. They give me all I need to have a reason to work hard and be a better person every day. On my line of work (photography) inspiration is key to deliver innovation and quality of work; I proud myself of being detail orientated and I always try to suit the needs of my clients by giving them not only a picture but art.

My work is the result of love and a deep passion for what I do, in combination with technique and a method that allows me to do more. The ending result after a Click! Is what I call Framing a life! A moment in time that will last forever!

Ah… why Le Chic Mama? Well let’s just say I have an Affair with European Style! Oh La La!

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Alessandra, Product Analysist

I am a mother of two (my son Maxx who is 2 and my daughter Alexa who is 5 months) who recently moved from San Francisco, CA to Jupiter, Florida to be a full time mother. I started my career over 12 years ago in advertising/marketing and have worked for some of the best -, IDG, American Greetings & iSyndicate. Since I moved I have been an online marketing consulting for Mommy type sites. Since it is something that I know a lot about , it has been great. My passions currently are my family, swimming, yoga and buying/researching online. My obsession with finding these products has my house looking like we are a UPS store. When 3InspiredMom's contacted me, I was thrilled. I am always sharing my "must haves" or latest finds with my girl friends, so I look forward to sharing them now with all of you.

Kristen aka artsy momma

I am an artist, designer of children's clothing & accessories and a fabric nut. I am always on the search for really cool, colorful, funky & vintage fabrics. I love all things creative and artsy and I can make just about anything. I am very passionate about my art. I am an artsy person through and through and that is how I get the nickname "artsy momma".

I have a fantastic husband, 2 very active handsome boys and 3 wonderful step children. We spend most of our time out on our boat, at the beach or at the skate park. We have 2 more members of our family that I absoulutely cannot leave out, our 2 yellow labs Sasha & Sterling.

A Few of my Favorite things (other than art): reading, music, traveling, shopping, boating, collecting vintage pins & fabrics, spending time with my family.

April a.k.a. Classy Momma

I love anything girly! This is probably the motivation I had for starting a business that catered to girly things. I love to put my mind to work and create beautiful things. I love capturing the imagination that a child has and bringing it to life in my work. I love seeing creative products that inspire children to have fun and be themselves. I am also really into children's clothing. I love to see both new designs with bright and funky fabrics and traditional styles with a classy touch.

I am a stay at mom mother to two wonderful children. I have been blessed with a daughter and a son. They are the motivation behind all I do. My husband is very supportive and my best friend. It means so much to have him beside me every step of the way.

My hobbies include reading, my online store, taking my kids to fun places, and shopping online. I love to watch movies and I will never miss an episode of Grey's Anatomy.